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Wrinkle Art gallery about is a unique in form and function. We offer a wide range of mediums, styles and techniques from local artists to artists across the United States and from around the world.

As a gallery, we want to make art affordable and accessible to everyone. So, we have offerings of art from a few bucks to collectable high end art.

Currently, we feature art from a massive private collection and nurture artists in all levels of their careers.

Locally and nationally we serve your art needs​

We start with innovative curation from artists around the globe and help you choose art you can live with for a lifetime.

Wrinkle Art is always available to assist you with everything from shipping, framing and installation, all at competitive prices.

We work on your time line so you feel relaxed, assured and happy with your fine art purchase.



Making Art Accessible to Everyone
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A r t . I m a g in a t i o n. E n g i n e e r i n g Art for Everyone – Rent or Buy

Convert your local art rental at anytime. Own the work you are renting or change it out for new rentals of equal value or towards buying other art. If you change out the local art rental or decide to buy art you retain 100% of the money invested in rental art that you can put towards a purchase of art of equal or greater value.

Package pick this package | Mix it up with other works from the site or make a custom package.


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Local art rental package #2

Choose this package of work or add as many as needed to complete you room, home or business. Customize the work for a specific look for every room or business.