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Artist Ryan Karey
Chicago Imagist Roger Moy
Artist Roger Moy
Artist Samuel Gillis

Meet Samuel Gillis and Glendy Mattalia of Wrinkle Art

Has it been a smooth road? Cue the wavy lines that transport you to The Past where we wrote this for a gofundme. A Series of Unfortunate Art Events (totally caused by our own idiocy) Once upon a time (in 2010), in a city far far away (in the middle of the country) [Chicago], my wife and I ran the little art gallery that could (Gallery Swarm). We produced a bunch of cool art events (whoohoo) and became a staple in our art community (cue the perfect montage). Until…

Wrinkle Art Featured Art

Chicago fine art painter Erin White
Artist Erin White
Street Artist Pilla
Street Artist Pilla
Mix Medium on Paper by Joe Silverberg
Artist Joe Silverberg
Artist Loyce Moskow
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